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19.6 Live performance ('Balm' LP presentation), curated by stellage.highlights at Romantso Athens, alongside performances by Marc Behrens, Sissi Rada, Will Laut, Yannis Iasonidis (DJ set), Athens.

24.5 LP Balm, vinyl release by Rekem Records. 

05.4 'Cello rituals, sonic monuments and musical tarot', Late Junction, BBC3, by Jennifer Lucy Allan.

29.3 'Alien Jams presents VIKI STEIRI -Tangle Mix', mixtape and interview for CLOT magazine, vol. 73.

15.3 LP Balm, digital release by Alien Jams.



16.12 Performance with Adam Christensen, David Aird and Tom Wheatley for Adam Christensen's exhibition Bedtime, The Art Museum in Tønder, Tønder

20.10 Performance with Eleni Ikoniadou and Savvas Metaxas, Granny Records Showcase, TV Control Center, Athens

12.07 Performance with Adam Christensen, Lise exhibition, Vatsaxi 6, Haus N Athen Off-Site, Athens

11.06 Performance with Dario Papavassiliou, Prelab (periodiko.dilittirio), Athens

5.05 Performance at Kilymeia 2023, Booze Cooperativa, Athens

25.01 Ectopia performance, ATATA live, Venue MOT Unit 18, London

20.01 Cello improvisation and recording for LP Future Chorus (A Maenads and Hypernedium Production), curated by Eleni Ikoniadou 


18.11 Performance in collaboration with Eleni Ikoniadou, The Lamenters (lecture performance), SOUND QUESTS 2022 (ALMARE)at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin



1.10-27.11 Audio piece The Lamenters, music/sound in collaboration with Eleni Ikoniadou, for the exhibition Wake Words, commissioned by Golden Pixel Cooperative, Vienna


06.10 Music and video for the online music/art archive CHANNEL9319062

20.06 Cello recording for the short film The Blood Bride by Caspar Leopard and Hannah McKibbin


10.12 Cello performance with Adam Sherry (Dead Forest Index) at O2 Academy Islington, London

11.05 Art performance in sound and word, by Urara Tsuchiya, with Jack Brennan at Villa Lena Foundation, Tuscany

26.04 Ruffles, cello improvisation for Zoe Williams’ art performance at Artmonte-carlo exhibition, Monaco

18.01 Art performance in sound and word, by Urara Tsuchiya, with Jack Brennan at Kunstverein Langenhagen, Hannover


28.11  Ectopia performance and vinyl release as part of Sidsel Meineche Hansen's exhibition Real Doll Theatre, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

20.10 Eyes of Blood, Ectopia performance at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

01.06 Free Energy Workshop 2, musical arrangement for Monster Chetwynd’s mixed media performance at Central Station, Antwerp

02.03 Zvarna, cello performance, Balabam, London

17.02 Ectopia performance, SET Dalston Lane, London


07.09 Ceremony of the Void by Zoe Williams, composition commission and live performance with musicians Dario Papavassiliou and Patchfinder at David Roberts Art Foundation, London 

21.06 Salt for Svanetia by Mikhail Kalatozov for Sharna Pax film collective, live film score with Dario Papavassiliou, Grow Elephant, London 

02.04 Clapton Sessions #5, performance with Dario Papavassiliou and AMAN! (Tasos Stamou and Thodoris Ziarkas), The Depot, London

23.03 Ectopia album launch, Wysing Polyphonic, ICA, London 

13.01 Ectopia performance at Cafe OTO, London


11.11 Ectopia performance at ‘Le Guess Who?’ music festival, Utrecht 

18.10 Tender Touches, group exhibition, piano performance, part of Zoe Williams’ installation, Austrian Cultural Forum, London

16-25.04 Chateaux Double Wide, composition commission for Zoe Williams and Urara Tsuchiya’s collaborative project, Glasgow International art festival, Glasgow 

08-15.01 Ectopia art residence at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 


10-12.06 Jolie-Laide Tour, Ectopia tour with Mathilde Fernandez, Le Lac, Brussels, La Generale en manufacture, Paris

06.03 Why can’t we just enjoy it the way it is? Ectopia performance, ARTES, Fundação Manuel Antonio Da Mota. Porto


Three arrangements for Annabel and Cello, composition commission for three videos by Shezad Dawood, London 

Jonah, Music design for radio play by Diana Duta, London


27.02-15.03 …instead to meet strangers that might change our minds. Dorine Van Meel’s installation at the Swiss Church, London 


26.10-01.01 Home Made Tasers and The Lion Tamer. Musical arrangement for Spartacus Chetwynd, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York


08.09 Normal Love, live soundtrack commission for Ectopia for Jack Smith’s film screening, ICA, London 

30.05, 25.04 Cello improvisation performances at Cafe OTO, Eddie Prevost’s Workshop Series, London

24.03 The Visionary Vineyard: Dreaming of Free Energy, musical arrangement and cello performance for Spartacus Chetwynd’s mixed media performance, Hayward Gallery, British Art Show 7, London

Co-hosting a radio show with Chloe Alice Frieda (Wind-Up Radio) at NTS radio, London


2017 Ectopia feature, Life’s A ScreamThe Wire magazine, July issue. 

2006 ‘Jani Christou: a composer of musical surrealism’, in European Alternatives Journal, Issue 1, pp. 50-54.


2008 – 2009 Master in Music  (Composition), Goldsmiths College, University of London

2005 – 2007 Master in Music, (Contemporary Music Studies), Goldsmiths College, University of London

1995 – 2006 Cello Diploma, Attikon Conservatory, Athens

1999 – 2005 BA/ MMus in Musicology, University of Athens

1999 – 2004 Theory Studies (Harmony, 16th Century Counterpoint, Fugue) Phillipos Nakas Conservatory, Athens

1989 – 2002 Piano Diploma, Conservatory of Kalithea, Athens

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