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"Ectopia is a cult band that has revolted a number of prestigious establishments and DIY venues (all with equal intensity) during the 2010's: from Silwex House and DIG, to New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York) or ICA (London)" - ATATA

Ectopia are Adam Christensen (voice), Viki Steiri (cello) and Jack Brennan (electronics). Their improvised performances use familiar fragments—film dialogue of the erotic thriller, pop refrains, the physical language of the dancefloor– to construct music ranging from melancholy to driving techno. They were commissioned by the ICA to write and perform a live score for the film Normal Love (Jack Smith), and have been resident artists at Wysing Arts Centre. They have performed at Le Guess Who? Festival (Utrecht), Wysing Festival (Cambridge), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Glasgow International and the New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York). Their debut LP life/section (Wysing Polyphonic) was released in 2017, and they contributed the track Hell Mouth to the LP sex robot by Sidsel Meineche Hansen (2019).

- Rachmaninoff's basement -
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