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Collaboration with Turner Prize nominee Monster Chetwynd, arranging and performing music and participating as a performer for a number of her films and performances:

- Free Energy Workshop 2, mixed media performance, Central Station, Antwerp (2018). Performance-workshop drawing on inventor Nikola Tesla's contributions to the birth of electricity, featuring the construction of workable solar panels and bike dynamos, alongside discussions about harnessing non-commercial energy in art, literature and alternative communities.

- The Idol, The Abbey Leisure Centre, mixed media performance, London (2015)

- Hermito’s Children 2, film (2014)

- Home Made Tasers and The Lion Tamer, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (2012).

- The Visionary Vineyard: Dreaming of Free Energy, mixed media performance, Hayward Gallery, British Art Show 7, London (2011)

Chetwynd's performances and videos harness elements of folk plays, street spectacles, literature, film and television and multiple other genres. They generally employ troupes of performers – friends and relatives of the artist – and feature handmade costumes and props.The carnivalesque world she creates is one in which figures like Emperor Nero, Mae West, Karl Marx, and Jabba the Hutt can comfortably—if not peacefully—coexist. The informality of the performances and the effortless mix of high and low sources make them remarkably democratic spaces for exploring ideas about history, class, and contemporary culture. 

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